English Adventure 1 New

A fun game for students of English. The game contains an interesting story, interactive dialogues, audio pronunciation, grammar exercises, logic puzzles.

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Memory game (pairs, pexeso)

Memory is a great card game designed for two or more people, that is a lot of fun and can improve your memory, concentration and English vocabulary.

We created ten unique sets. Every set covers a single topic. It is printed on quality matte 300g paper with size A3. We offer this unique set for distribution. Contact us.

English vocabulary for Android

This program is designed for practicing English vocabulary. Each word contains an audio pronunciation, image and text. You can practice vocabulary in many different ways and watch statistics with your progress.

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English vocabulary for desktop

Educational software designed to practice English vocabulary. Each word contains an audio pronunciation and image. The application contains several types of practicing.

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English irregular verbs

Educational software designed for practicing English irregular verbs. Includes audio pronunciation, a list of irregular verbs, a score table.

This version is no longer supported.

English irregular verbs 2

The second part of the successful applications. Now also available for mobile phones and tablets. Includes pronunciation, a list of English irregular verbs and practice.

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